Airbnb Has Started Delisting Experiences: What You Need to Know


Airbnb has recently initiated sweeping changes in its approach to travel experiences. This strategic maneuver involves a significant delisting of experience listings on its platform. This article explores the changes, their implications for experience providers, and Airbnb’s renewed commitment to the experiences category amidst this revamp.

Airbnb’s Experience Delistings and Strategic Shifts

Airbnb’s decision to delist numerous experience offerings has stirred the community of experience providers. The steps are part of a more extensive quality control measure to ensure that only the best travel experiences are available to users.

Quality Control and User Experience

We can see Airbnb’s delistings as a strategy to maintain high-quality standards. The platform focuses on presenting only premium experiences that align with its brand values and customer expectations.

Despite this purge, Airbnb still hosts tens of thousands of travel experiences worldwide. While this move aims to enhance the user experience, it poses challenges and uncertainties for many experience providers who depend on Airbnb for visibility and sales.

Strategic Visibility Adjustments

Besides delistings, Airbnb is altering how it features experiences on the platform. One significant change involves moving away from prominently showcasing experiences on the homepage. They have also paused new submissions for experiences. These actions signal a possible shift in priorities or a strategic repositioning of the experiences segment.

However, Airbnb has reiterated its commitment to the experiences category through initiatives like “Icons,” aiming to bolster its brand identity beyond just a place to stay.

“Icons” – A Strategic Investment

The launch of “Icons” signifies Airbnb’s strategic investment in the experiences segment. This initiative showcases extraordinary experiences that help expand Airbnb’s brand positioning. This move shows that even amidst strategic shifts, experiences remain a vital part of Airbnb’s future.

Airbnb’s Renewed Commitment to the Experiences Category

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Airbnb Outdoor Experience

Despite shifting their strategy in listing and showcasing experiences, Airbnb has renewed its commitment to this category. Two main factors drive this commitment:

  1. Enhancing Customer Awareness:
    • Airbnb plans to boost customer awareness of travel experiences through various initiatives and marketing campaigns. The “Icons” initiative is a prime example of how Airbnb hopes to attract and engage potential customers.
  2. Addressing Growing Demand:
    • There is a notable demand for unique and local experiences among travelers. Airbnb aims to tap into this demand by ensuring that the experiences they offer are not just unique but also of high quality and relevance to today’s travelers.

The Role of Unique, Local Experiences

Unique local experiences can significantly enhance a traveler’s trip, offering a way to connect meaningfully with the destination. Airbnb views these experiences as opportunities to provide more value to customers, helping them create memorable vacations.

According to Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, expanding the experiences category plays a vital role in the company’s broader strategy. This approach not only enriches the platform’s offerings but also supports the growth of the tourism industry by emphasizing authentic and local experiences.

Challenges and Controversies

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While these changes are driven by strategic goals, they are not without controversy. Experience providers, especially smaller ones, view the delistings as a barrier to reaching their potential market. This has generated discussions on the fairness and transparency of Airbnb’s criteria for maintaining or delisting experiences.

Implications for Experience Providers

Many experience providers find that delisting significantly impacts their visibility and revenue. Airbnb must address these concerns transparently to maintain trust within its community. Balancing quality control and provider inclusivity is crucial during this phase of the strategy revamp.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Airbnb Experiences

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Despite the challenges and controversies, Airbnb’s strategic realignment aims to position the platform stronger in the long term. By ensuring a curated list of high-quality experiences and enhancing customer awareness, Airbnb is setting the stage for sustainable growth in this segment.

Potential Growth Strategies

Here are some potential strategies that Airbnb might undertake to grow the experiences category:

  1. Selective Provider Support:
    • Offering guidance and resources to help experience providers enhance the quality of their offerings could lead to improved listings and better customer satisfaction.
  2. Marketing Campaigns:
    • Running targeted marketing campaigns highlighting unique experiences can attract more customers and increase engagement.
  3. Customer Feedback Integration:
    • Integrating feedback mechanisms to continually improve the quality and relevance of experiences based on real customer input can help refine the offerings.

Online Communities and Forums

To foster community support and collaboration, Airbnb could also consider strengthening online forums where experience providers and customers can share insights, feedback, and suggestions. This would enhance transparency and community feeling, potentially mitigating some of the dissatisfaction from recent delistings.


Airbnb’s strategic revamp emphasizes quality over quantity, aiming to deliver superior user experiences. Though this move presents challenges, the company’s commitment to unique, high-quality local experiences signals a promising future for the experiences category.

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With these strategies and a commitment to quality experiences, Airbnb is shaping the future of travel one curated experience at a time.


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