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Vacation Home Communities in Orlando

Orlando’s vacation market is the largest, most action-packed, most visited, and most competitive US vacation market. That’s why getting the fundamentals right is crucial so you don’t lose out on potential revenue opportunities. We’ve narrowed down the top-performing resort communities, based on information from industry-trusted sources including AirDNA, key data, Pricelabs, Rabbu, along with first-hand insights from our top resort home agents on the ground.  Here are 7 best vacation home communities in Orlando, featuring renowned locations like Reunion Resort, Encore Resort in Kissimmee, Windsor Island Resort, Championsgate community, Storey Lake Resort, Windsor at Westside, and Solara Resort. Join us on this journey to explore detailed insights into these premier communities, each offering unique amenities and investment opportunities, catering to discerning investors and potential vacationers.

Why Orlando is a Prime Vacation Home Destination

Orlando, Florida, is a magnet for vacationers from across the globe, largely due to the world-famous Disney World Orlando and Universal Orlando Resort. These attractions, along with a wealth of other activities like visiting Icon Park Orlando or exploring the various things to do in Orlando, Florida, ensure a constant flow of visitors. This makes Orlando vacation homes a hot commodity. With a temperate climate year-round and a thriving Orlando real estate market, the city is not just a hub for tourists but also for investors looking into Florida real estate. The appeal of short-term rentals, buoyed by platforms like Airbnb Orlando and vrbo Orlando, adds to the allure, as vacationers often seek out unique Airbnb experiences or hotels in Orlando that offer a homely feel. This creates a significant opportunity for investing in vacation rentals and property management in this vibrant city.

Orlando Real Estate: A Golden Investment Opportunity

Investors eyeing the Orlando real estate market are looking at a golden opportunity. Beyond the world-class attractions like Disney Resorts Orlando and the Universal Orlando Resort, the city’s growth is fueled by its increasing popularity as a year-round destination. This means a steady demand for Orlando vacation rentals, which provides a lucrative avenue for short-term rentals. Orlando’s robust market is not just about tourism but also about a strong local economy that supports long-term property value growth. Florida real estate, especially in Orlando, is ripe for those looking to capitalize on Airbnb for sale or VRBO listings. Property management services have also matured in the region, simplifying the process for absentee owners and investors. Moreover, tax-friendly policies and schemes like the 1031 exchange provide further incentives, making investments attractive and financially sound here.

What to Consider When Choosing a Vacation Home Community

When selecting a vacation home community in Orlando, several key factors must be considered. Location is paramount; proximity to attractions like Disney World Orlando and Universal Orlando Resort can significantly impact rental demand and property value. Consider the amenities offered within the community, such as pools, fitness centers, and entertainment options, which can enhance the appeal of your vacation rental. Understanding the community’s rules and regulations regarding short-term rentals is important, as they can affect your ability to generate income. Investigate the property management companies’ track record to ensure reliable and professional handling of your investment. Lastly, think about the long-term potential of the community, including planned developments and the overall health of the Orlando real estate market, to ensure your investment will grow over time.

Exploring Top Vacation Home Communities in Orlando

Reunion Resort

Reunion Resort is synonymous with luxury and relaxation, offering a high-end experience for those investing in Orlando vacation homes. This gated community has direct access to Disney World, making drive time much faster than the neighboring ChampionsGate community. Reunion Resort also boasts three signature golf courses (Nicklaus, Palmer, and Watson), a massive members-only water park, and multiple clubhouses with exclusive casual and fine dining options. The resort’s amenities cater to all ages, making it a perfect retreat for families and golf enthusiasts. Properties in Reunion Resort range from 1-bedroom condos to 15-bedroom 20,000 sqft villas, offering a diverse portfolio for investors. As a homeowner at Reunion Resort, I believe the potential for high rental income is bolstered by the resort’s reputation for luxury and its wide range of world-class amenities. Coupled with professional Orlando property management services, investors can expect a worry-free way to enjoy their property personally and capitalize on Orlando’s thriving vacation rental market.

Encore Resort

Encore Resort is also located next to the neighboring Reunion Resort community. Encore Resort property owners have access to a separate exclusive waterpark and clubhouse along with additional sports courts and activity areas which heightens its allure for short-term rental investors. Investing in a property at Encore Resort means tapping into a well-established vacation rental market, supported by Kissimmee’s appeal and the broader Orlando real estate landscape. The blend of modern luxury homes with top-tier amenities and an unbeatable location positions Encore Resort as a top choice for those investing in a profitable and enjoyable vacation home community.

Windsor Island Resort

Windsor Island Resort in Davenport offers a family-friendly atmosphere that’s hard to match. Located in the Four Corners area immediately west of Kissimmee, this community provides a serene escape from the bustling city while still being close enough to the Disney parks and other attractions. Windsor Island Resort features a range of amenities, including a resort-style pool, water slides, a splash pad, and plenty of recreational areas for all ages. The community’s focus on creating a warm, inclusive environment means that vacation homes here are highly desirable for the short-term rental market. The properties in Windsor Island Resort offer spacious layouts that make them attractive for those seeking a home away from home while on vacation in the Orlando area. For investors, this translates to a steady demand and a strong potential for rental income.


The Championsgate community brings a taste of Mediterranean charm to Orlando, boasting elegant homes with modern and Mediterranean styles. This expansive community is not just about aesthetics; it’s packed with amenities that include a golf course, a large clubhouse, and a resort-style pool complex. Championsgate’s location is also a key selling point, situated just south of the Four Corners area, conveniently close to Disney World Orlando and Universal Orlando Resort, and approximately 35 minutes from Orlando’s city center. This community appeals to those looking for a sophisticated lifestyle that combines the tranquility of a luxury resort with the excitement of nearby attractions. For investors, Championsgate represents a solid opportunity to own property in one of Orlando’s most desirable areas. The demand for vacation rentals in such a prestigious community is consistently high, ensuring a profitable return for those who choose to invest here.

Storey Lake Resort

Storey Lake Resort showcases Lennar’s commitment to logistic excellence, strategically positioned on Kissimmee’s east side. Its prime location grants easy access to Disney World Orlando and Universal Orlando Resort while avoiding the traffic on I4. This has historically translated to higher average occupancy rates due to its accessibility.  The resort closely mirrors ChampionsGate, offering similar floorplans designed to maximize comfort and entertainment, featuring a stunning clubhouse, a lazy river, multiple pools, and sports courts. Storey Lake features a range of townhomes and single-family homes that meet various investor needs. Integrating modern amenities with a convenient location makes Storey Lake Resort a top pick for vacationers and investors. By choosing Storey Lake, investors benefit from a well-planned community that promises high rental demand and a strong potential for capital appreciation.

Windsor at Westside

Windsor at Westside is renowned for its captivating Mediterranean-themed architecture, embodying a blend of classic charm and modern luxury. This prestigious community offers an excellent resort-style living experience, highlighted by its exceptional amenities. Among these, the resort-style pool and lazy river stand out, providing an oasis of relaxation and entertainment for families and visitors of all ages. The modern fitness center also caters to health and wellness enthusiasts, ensuring that staying active and healthy is a convenient and enjoyable part of daily life. The community’s mature landscaping further enhances the classic Florida resort atmosphere, creating a well-rooted environment that appeals to a broad spectrum of visitors. These features and amenities make Windsor at Westside a premier destination for those seeking a luxurious and laid-back lifestyle.

Solara Resort

Solara Resort may be smaller than some of its Orlando counterparts, but it stands out with its unique features. This boutique community captures the essence of a laid-back vacation lifestyle while providing impressive amenities. The highlight of Solara Resort is its FlowRider® surf simulator, which offers an unusual and exciting experience for guests of all ages. Additionally, the resort boasts a heated grand pool, fitness center, and a children’s splash pad. Its homes are designed to provide contemporary comfort with a touch of elegance, appealing to those looking for a modern vacation experience. The resort’s intimate size creates a sense of exclusivity and community attractive to visitors and investors alike. Those who invest in Solara Resort can count on its distinct offerings to draw in a niche market of vacationers, ensuring a competitive edge in the Orlando vacation rental market.

Making a Profitable Investment

The Best Bang for Your Buck?

When it comes to making a profitable investment in the Orlando vacation home market, these 7 communities often emerge as the top contenders. The prime locations near Disney Orlando and the wide array of on-site amenities, such as a resort-style pool, lazy river, and mini-golf, make them a hit among tourists. This translates into high occupancy rates and the potential for strong rental income for investors. Additionally, the range of property types, from condos to single-family homes, means there are options for various investment levels.

Maximizing Returns with Airbnb and VRBO

In the competitive Orlando vacation rental market, maximizing returns is often achieved strategically using platforms like Airbnb, VRBO,, and Google vacation rentals. These platforms provide exposure to a large audience of potential renters, with Airbnb Orlando and VRBO Orlando being the most popular choices for tourists seeking unique accommodations. Effective property management and a well-curated listing with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions are essential for standing out. Additionally, offering a seamless rental experience, with prompt communication and amenities that cater to guests’ needs, can lead to positive reviews and higher occupancy rates. Utilizing these platforms not only boosts visibility but also provides the flexibility to adjust pricing dynamically based on demand, further enhancing profitability.


Taking the plunge into the Orlando vacation home market is an exciting prospect, and making informed decisions is important. Scheduling a consultation with Orlando’s top resort and second home specialist can give you the insights and guidance you need for a successful investment. During the consultation, you’ll receive personalized advice tailored to your goals. You’ll learn about market trends, potential returns on investment, and the nuances of property management in Orlando. Partnering with an experienced realtor and property manager who understands the intricacies of the Orlando real estate market and the vacation rental industry can be a game-changer for your investment journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a call today to take the next step in purchasing your Orlando resort home.

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